High Density Warm Compaction

We pioneered warm compaction techniques for our customers, increasing the range of products and enhancing strength specifications available through this more efficient manufacturing technique.

Warm Compaction is a process that allows for production of powdered metal parts with densities over 7.4 g/cc utilizing a single pressing operation. It is often the optimum process for production of high density performance parts, particularly if the part includes features that do not allow for secondary operations to increase density. Parts with features such as helix splines, multiple levels, or a material selection that does not allow for secondary operations to increase density are candidates for the warm compaction process.

The process involves:

  • Custom alloy powder blends designed to be molded at elevated temperatures.
  • A special material delivery system to deliver powder at the exact temperature in the required volume.
    Molding tooling designed to maintain an elevated molding temperature.
  • Modifications to molding machines to accommodate elevated temperature molding.