New 1650-ton Press Expands Capabilities of Powder Metal Technology

A new 1650-U.S. ton (14,650 kN) powder metal molding press, which extends the range of high quality parts that can now be developed with efficient powder metal technology, has been installed at Chicago Powdered Metal Products Company. With this new press, the Company extends the benefits of powder metal technology to larger metal components than were previously possible.

This new press, the largest mechanical compacting press—more than double the size of the next largest press—incorporates the newest control technology as well as the latest powder metal technology. The addition of this warm compaction capable press complements existing warm compaction equipped presses in the 800 ton range. The press offers warm compaction capability for stronger, higher density parts (with densities up to 7.35 g/cc), extending the Company’s capabilities to increasingly larger, more complex, multi-level parts.

In addition, this new press provides a quick-change die set capability, allowing the operator to prepare a second part in a die set while the machine is in operation. This feature enhances changeover speed, facilitating high volume production of multiple parts. It has the capacity to produce up to 40 lbs of warm compacted parts per minute.

In business since 1948, Chicago Powder Metal Products Company is one of the largest independent powder metal parts manufacturers in the United States, with a full range of presses offering efficient, high volume parts production for larger, increasingly complex, multi-level components used in a wide range of industry applications from automotive to hardware and appliance.

Chicago Powder Metal Products Company is located at 9700 Waveland Avenue (P.O. Box 2128), Schiller Park, Illinois 60176-2128. Phone: 847-678-2836. Fax: 847-678-0125. Visit our website at Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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