SCHILLER PARK , ILLINOIS , June 18, 2004 . . . Chicago Powdered Metal Products Company’s output shaft hub for truck transmissions has won an award of distinction in the 2004 International Powdered Metal Design Competition. Made for Ford Motor Company’s Powertrain Operations in Livonia Michigan , the part competed in the ferrous category of the competition, sponsored by the Metal Powder Industries Federation.

Producing the part as a powdered metal warm compaction was made possible by Chicago Powdered Metal Products’ 1650-ton press, and resulted in a 30% cost savings over the original forged part. The powdered metal part also surpasses the performance of the machined forging. The new hub has a minimum density of 7.2 g/cm 3 and a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 155,000 psi. The external helical teeth and straight involute splines are molded as a net shape. Secondary operations involved in producing the part are limited to deburring and minor machining.

The International P/M Design Competition sponsored by the Metal Powder Industries Federation honors products manufactured by conventional press and sinter technology, warm compaction and metal injection molding. Awards recognize special properties, innovative tooling design, precision, reliability in demanding situations, performance and cost savings. This year’s winners perform in automobiles and light trucks, industrial pumps, power tools and biomedical products, and are designed to replace parts made by die casting, investment casting, machining and forging.

Founded in 1948, Chicago Powdered Metal Products Company is one of the largest independent powder metal parts manufacturers in the United States. Its full range of presses offers efficient, high-volume parts production of larger, increasingly complex, multi-level components used in a wide range of industry applications from automotive to hardware and appliance.

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