Efficient, high volume parts production reduces overall manufacturing costs for products that incorporate powder metal switches, gears and sprockets, housings, surgical tool components, door closers and conveyors, plumbing equipment, pistons and valve plates, shift collars, automotive engine and transmission components including tone wheels, clutch plates, clutch hubs, target wheels, torque converter turbine hubs, pinion carrier assemblies, and pump rotors just to name a few.

Powder Metal Parts Powder Metal Parts Powder Metal Parts

High strength parts utilizing our Warm Compaction technology extend the benefits of powder metal technology to transmission components that otherwise would require more expensive processing options - including parking brake gears; clutch plates; oil pump rotors, slides, and gears; torque converters turbine hubs; tone wheels, counterweights, cam sprockets, and shift collars.

Powder Metal Parts Powder Metal Parts

Warm Compaction technology gives us the ability to manufacture parts to 7.4g/cc density in current production in a single press/sinter process.

Sinterbrazing technology allows us the ability to provide more difficult shapes by combining two molded parts into one strong product, potentially reducing the number of components required.  An example of this is a pinion carrier assembly.